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"We have two product lines. One is through the processor. Any customer bank of one of our processors just has to go talk to the processor and flip a couple of switches. There's no software at the bank required," Bharghaven said. "For larger banks, we have a direct-to-bank solution where we integrate with the bank's data centers."Bharghavan says Ondot has covered four of the seven major card processors blanketing more than 10,000 institutions, or roughly two-thirds of all banks and credit unions in the US. Most large banks, such as Bank of America and Capital One, operate as their own payment processors, which is why Ondot must integrate directly.

Ondot's business will charge banks and credit unions a subscription fee based on monthly active users of whatever application utilizes Card Control, The technology will work with debit, credit, and gift cards, and can be activated by banks for current cards no matter when they were issued, "It doesn't explicitly need to be set up, When I set my iphone 4 cases amazon uk preferences, these preferences are stored in a server and this server talks with the processor in the back end," Bharghaven explained, "When the transaction hits the processor, the processor checks with the server." There is no syncing between the card and the phone, just a communication layer, It's "very similar to how you would think of mobile banking," he added..

Ondot has not revealed which major banks are working with its technology yet, but expects to make announcements regarding partners in the next few weeks. An active partner, however, in Ondot's testing phase has been Lone Star National Bank, which has used the technology for a year. The results let Ondot figure out how useful the app was for both users and card issuers. "Lone Star found that card holders once they use the Ondot system started using the card 52 percent more, and spent 48 percent more on that card," Bharghavan said. "Essentially, this card becomes top of wallet."Even better, Bharghaven said, is that Lone Star actually lowered fraud by 60 percent. "Banks are thinking about this as a slam dunk," he added.

Ondot makes it clear that the goal here is not to try to supersede a card issuer's standard fraud-protection service, and that is precisely why the company has been received favorably by the typically tech-adverse, "Fraud has been around as long as cards have, Banks have always tried to come up with preferences," said Rachma Ahlawat, who worked with Bharghaven at Meru Networks and is an Ondot co-founder and its VP of product, "But they create your purchase profile around where they expect you to do things."For instance, iphone 4 cases amazon uk if you travel and forget to tell your bank, you make a few transactions and your card suddenly gets denied, "Then you get a phone call that asks, 'Are you really in New York?' This causes a lot of denial-of-service," Ahlawat said, With Card Control, users are working alongside banks to increase protection and enable more precise control..

"In addition to what the banks will use to monitor their fraud polices, ours is for user preferences. There's another data point available," Ahlawat added. "It's your card -- now it's been personalized for where you want to use it and how you want to use it."A startup out of San Jose, Calif. is handing card holders protection akin to smartphone antifraud services. Ondot Systems was born out of a moment almost everyone has experienced: the unique mix of frantic terror and anger you feel when you lose a credit or debit card -- or in my case, three cards along with my wallet this past January.

This means Lyft is now operating in 60 cities across the US, including Ann Arbor, Colorado Springs, Jacksonville, Lexington, Omaha, Rochester, Spokane, and many more places, "As we've grown, we have recognized a need for reliable transportation options everywhere, in cities of all sizes, regardless of the level of car ownership," the company wrote in a iphone 4 cases amazon uk blog post Thursday, "From Albuquerque to Newark and beyond, these cities have strong community roots and local hometown pride that make them all great fits for Lyft."The company has expanded at a fast clip since it launched in 2012, In the beginning of 2013, it operated solely in San Francisco; by the start of 2014, Lyft was in 20 cities, and earlier this year it raised that number to 36 cities..

The company's top competitor -- Uber -- operates its car service in 35 countries and 100 cities, but Uber's peer-to-peer UberX ridesharing component is just in 47 cities. This means that even though Lyft has a ways to go to catch up with Uber's international reach, it's now the leader of the peer-to-peer ridesharing world. Lyft appears to be looking to boost competition even more. With its announcement of 24 new cities, it's also offering all people in those cities free rides to various local shows, parties, and promotions for two weeks. The company has dubbed this event "Lyftapalooza." It's additionally dropping ride prices by 10 percent in all cities during the next couple of months.

If the play button doesn't work for you, try downloading iphone 4 cases amazon uk the audio directly, In our London studio Andy, Jason and Rich put their heads together to work out whether a new Netflix price hike signals the end of cheap online streaming, and we do the maths on the OnePlus One , one of the first phones that comes running modder fave Cyanogen software, Will it transform Android as we know it?, Plus, we find out how Apple's latest catty remark takes a swipe at Samsung and other rivals in its new adverts, and debate whether Sky's new policy of posting you DVDs of movies you've bought online is a clever idea or just so last century..

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