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Xiaomi has been a mobile darling for the last year or so, and gained all the more attention for hiring Google's former head of Android product development, Hugo Barra, to lead its overseas expansion. It offers what would be considered by most reviewers high-end devices that come in at surprisingly affordable prices. Xiaomi has also used restricted supply to build up strong demand for its handsets, which typically sell out countrywide within minutes after their launch. The company sold about 18 million phones last year, up from 7 million in 2012, and has ambitions to sell roughly twice as many this year.

Next up for Xiaomi's global expansion is Malaysia, according to CNET Asia, There are currently no plans for a North America or Latin America launch, Its Android smartphones go on sale in Singapore on Friday, marking the first time that up-and-comer Xiaomi has offered its devices outside of Greater iphone 9 screen protector China, Xiaomi, the China-based smartphone maker that has caught the attention of mobile aficionados worldwide, has finally branched out of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, The company on Wednesday announced that its Android-based handsets will go on sale on Friday in Singapore, The midrange Redmi will retail for about $134, while its flagship Mi-3 smartphone will go for around $332, CNET Asia reported Wednesday..

On Wednesday, the chairman laid out a plan for preserving the Open Internet after a federal appeals court struck down the rules last month. As part of this new strategy, Wheeler said the FCC will not ask the federal appeals court to re-examine its decision in which the rules were thrown out. Instead, the agency will write brand-new rules using a different legal basis that was affirmed by the court's decision. Last month, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit threw out the FCC's Open Internet rules in its Verizon v. FCC decision. But the court sided with the FCC in its authority to regulate broadband services. And it affirmed the FCC's justifications for writing the rules. That said, the court did not agree with the FCC's legal reasoning for these rules. And it essentially told the FCC to fix them.

In a statement Wednesday, Wheeler reiterated that the court had invited the FCC to find a different path to preserve a free and open Internet, And he said, he iphone 9 screen protector intends "to accept that invitation by proposing rules that will meet the court's test for preventing improper blocking of and discrimination among Internet traffic, ensuring genuine transparency in how Internet service providers manage traffic, and enhancing competition."He emphasized that the court's decision notes that the FCC has the legal authority to issue enforceable rules of the road to preserve Internet openness as part of Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to encourage broadband deployment and competition, But instead of using an argument based on a legal concept called "common carriage" to justify its rules, the FCC will base its legal argument on authority affirmed by the court in its decision..

"The court recognized the importance of ensuring that so-called edge providers, those that use the network to deliver goods and services, can reach people who use the Internet," he said. "And it upheld the Commission's judgment that Internet freedom encourages broadband investment and that its absence could ultimately inhibit broadband deployment."Wheeler's decision to rewrite the Open Internet rules means that the agency is not looking to reclassify broadband services as so-called common carriers, a position the White House supports. But Wheeler said that the Commission is still keeping the option of reclassification open.

In the meantime, Wheeler also said the FCC will hold all major iphone 9 screen protector Internet service providers to their promise to honor the safeguards of the 2010 Open Internet order, And if providers step out of line, he said, the court's decision gives it more than enough authority to rectify the situation on a case-by-case basis, "That's the right and responsible thing to do," he said, "And we take them up on their commitment -- which will continue to provide protection for the Open Internet until new rules are put in place."In an unexpected twist, Wheeler also said that the FCC found additional authority in Judge Laurence Silberman's separate opinion, Specifically, the FCC will look into abolishing legal restrictions imposed by states that prohibit local cities and municipalities from building and offering their own broadband services to consumers..

Nokia explained, that as you leave the house your Lumia device, the Treasure Tag emits an alert to inform that you've left your keys or wallet (or whatever item you've tagged) behind. The tone will continue to sound until the Treasure Tag has been discovered. The same happens if you leave your house with a tagged item in hand, but you forget to grab your Lumia. Nokia added that you can also locate your tagged item on a map via the Nokia Treasure Tag app if you miss the alert. The Treasure Tag app, available in the Windows Phone Store, automatically tracks the tagged items and shows their locations on your Lumia handset. Up to four Treasure Tags can be used at the same time.

The main thrust of the device seems to be keys, When leaving the house or any other place, folks typically have their keys and mobile phones in-hand, But we've all forgotten our keys (or wallet or purse) from time to time, Treasure Tag tries iphone 9 screen protector to solve the problem of forgotten or lost accessories, Nokia's Treasure Tag is hitting store shelves globally in April, It'll cost $29.90 at launch, The device pairs with a Lumia handset via near-field communication and alerts owners when they leave the house without tagged items..

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