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Christie had headed up Apple's Human Interface team -- whose mandate is to develop easy to use and elegant software. For example, Christie's team created the iPhone's "slide to unlock" function and the ability to place calls from a contact list. According to 9to5Mac, which cites anonymous sources, Christie's departure is mainly due to ruffling Jonathan Ive, who became Apple's head of both industrial and software design in 2012 after a major organizational shakeup. Previous to that, Ive was only the industrial design chief, but wrested control after Scott Forstall, then-iOS chief, was ousted.

Under this most recent reorganization, said 9to5Mac, Apple's software designers will now work directly under Ive, instead of SVP of iphone case 2 in 1 software engineering Craig Federighi, who Christie has reported to, The report also said that the falling out between Ive and Christie stemmed from competing visions over how iOS 7 -- Apple's most radical redesign yet of its mobile operating system -- would look, Sources close to the company disputed 9to5Mac's report, saying the relationship between Christie and Ive was fine..

Apple played down the rift, saying that Christie and Ive worked together closely. In a statement provided to CNET, a spokesperson said. Greg has been planning to retire later this year after nearly 20 years at Apple. He has made vital contributions to Apple products across the board, and built a world-class Human Interface team which has worked closely with Jony for many years. The shakeup comes amid a major legal battle between Apple and Samsung, in court again over alleged patent infringement from both sides. The saga dates back two years, with this latest installment -- currently in progress -- focusing on seven patents. Samsung claims Apple ripped off two patents, including tech that speeds up the data transmission process, and could have implications on Apple's video-chatting service FaceTime. Apple claims Samsung infringed on five patents, including Christie's "slide to unlock."Christie has been a major figure in Apple's defense so far, taking the stand right after Apple's marketing chief, Phil Schiller. His role has been to emphasize just how innovative the iPhone was when it was unveiled in 2007. Apple, a notoriously tight-lipped company, even took the rare step of making Christie available to The Wall Street Journal and NPR for interviews, just before the trial began.

Apple argued that much of iphone case 2 in 1 that innovation came from the phone's ease of use, creating a product for "normal people -- people with better things to do with their lives than learn how a computer might work," Christie said on the stand last week, Updated, 5 p.m, PT: Adds Apple statement provided to CNET, as well as comment from sources, Greg Christie, who helped develop important features for the original iPhone, is leaving Apple later this year, Greg Christie, a vice president and engineer who played an important role in developing software for the original iPhone, is leaving Apple, dealing it a blow during a key time for the company..

The company began notifying select European users of its main Facebook app that in two weeks' time, messaging will be disabled and people will be prompted to download Messenger if they have not already. The company confirmed that this is not a test and will soon begin rolling it out worldwide, The Verge reports. Android phones with particularly low memory will be exempted, as will Windows Phone and tablet users for the time being. Facebook Paper, the company's new news-focused redesign, will also keep in-app messaging.

While it sounds overtly forceful to push users out of one app and onto another, Facebook has already gone to great lengths to drive usage of its increasingly robust mobile app family, Even now, if users have Messenger installed on iOS, Facebook's main app will kick them over to it when they want to chat with friends, The only difference with the upcoming change is that users will be forced to download Messenger, The process of moving from one app to the next, while still not ideal if you want to minimize the presence of Facebook on your smartphone, is relatively smooth and quick, On iOS, the Messenger interface happens to include a blue banner that, when tapped, switches users back to the main Facebook app, On Android, this is not the case -- nor does Facebook's main app force Android users to open up Messenger even if they have it installed, It's unclear at the moment whether or not iphone case 2 in 1 Facebook's Messenger changes will be the same across iOS and Android..

For the time being, Facebook still lets you message friends within its main app using its nicely designed Chat heads feature. The update to Facebook messaging, which rolled out to the social network's main apps last year with the launch of its Android skin Facebook Home, collected your messages into a circular movable bubble of your friends' faces that can be expanded to talk or thrown down to the bottom of the screen to close it out. Interestingly enough, although Chat heads works for all SMS and Facebook chatting on Android smartphones even on one's home screen and within other apps, the feature was only able to function within the main Facebook app due to Apple's mobile operating system restrictions. Now, with Messenger being pushed as the de facto chatting client, Chat heads for iOS will disappear completely.

"With this change Chat heads won't be part of the Facebook iOS app," a Facebook spoksperson confirmed to CNET, As for Android, Chat heads will still iphone case 2 in 1 be supported, "Chat heads aren't going anywhere on Android, in fact people who download Messenger on Android gain chat heads because they were not a feature in the core Android app," the spokesperson said, Update, 5:42 p.m, PT: Added comment from Facebook and clarified Chat heads functionality for iOS and Android, In an effort to drive users to its standalone messaging application, the social network will turn off the Facebook chat feature in its main mobile app and prompt users to download Messenger to talk with friends..

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