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Verizon is also well on its way of seeding the market with devices that will be able to use the AWS spectrum. She said that 25 percent of the LTE devices in use today are AWS capable, and all new smartphones sold by Verizon are AWS capable, ensuring that the functionality will be in consumers' devices when they need the service. Palmer also noted that more than 70 percent of all wireless traffic is traveling over the company's 4G LTE network. But she acknowledged that the slower 3G network will continue to be used until at least 2020.

Still, as the company moves customers off the 3G spectrum, it will begin to reuse that spectrum for its 4G LTE service, Currently, Verizon is using the 3G network to serve its prepaid and wholesale network customers, In fact, customers signing up for the newly announced AllSet prepaid plans from Verizon will be using the 3G network instead of Verizon's faster iphone case aesthetic 4G LTE network, "As we move customers from 3G to 4G, the amount of capacity that is freed up is sufficient to handle the prepaid customers, We'll be watching this and see how it goes, But it's a good opportunity for prepaid customers," Palmer said..

Indeed, Verizon Wireless customers on these new prepaid plans are allowed to carry over excess data from one month to the next. And the cost of the plan is less expensive than what a similar plan costs through Verizon's contract service. Palmer also reiterated the company's plans to roll out its voice over LTE service later this year. And it has successfully tested a multicast video service that it may use along with its Fios TV service to deliver a streaming TV service to consumers. Verizon Wireless is using results from a RootMetrics test to claim it's the fastest and most reliable wireless carrier in the US.

Verizon Wireless is trying to quell its competitors' claims that they offer better performing wireless networks than it does with results of a new study published by RootMetrics, On Wednesday, Big Red highlighted findings from a recent RootMetrics nationwide wireless test, which shows that Verizon dominated in five out of six categories that were tested by the wireless analytics company during the last half of 2013, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time iphone case aesthetic at our discretion..

Evernote's Android app is the first to get handwriting built in. On iOS, Evernote-owned app Penultimate lets you write or sketch and automatically saves those notes to Evernote, but that feature isn't baked into the official app. Along with handwriting, the Android update brings a faster camera (twice as fast as before), text highlighting, and improved note linking to the app. If you already have Evernote installed on your Android phone or tablet, you can expect to receive the update starting today.

Thanks to a recent update, you can now jot down handwritten notes in the Evernote Android app, You can already type, record, and snap a photo to add new notes to Evernote, and now you can write out your thoughts on your phone or tablet screen to get your message across, Evernote updated its Android app Wednesday to add handwriting, a feature it's been beta testing for a few months, With the update, you can use a stylus or just your finger to write and draw in any note, There are four color options: black, blue, red, and green, and three pen thicknesses, You get a dedicated box where you can draw and write, which iphone case aesthetic is roughly the size of your screen in either landscape or portrait mode, and you can add as many individual handwriting boxes to one note as you want, You can also seamlessly switch between typing and manually writing by tapping the pen icon in the menu bar that appears at the top of each note..

Ars Technica ran the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 through a gamut of tests to compare their performance before and after the update, and the mighty mobiles are no longer fudging their answers. Samsung got in some hot water with Android enthusiasts last year when its flagship phones -- widely acclaimed as the most powerful ever -- were found to be behaving rather oddly when running common benchmark apps. The stink of it was that Samsung was goading its superphones to run unsustainably hot (sometimes known as overclocking) when they detected specific benchmarks. This gave results up to 20 per cent higher than if they'd been running at the normal frequency, potentially inflating Samsung's well-deserved reputation for building powerful phones.

"The maximum GPU frequencies for the Galaxy S4 have been varied to provide optimal user experience for our customers," a Samsung spokesperson said in a statement at the time, "and were not intended to improve certain benchmark results."Ars Technica dug through the code Samsung pushed out to the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 in its Android 4.4 update, and found the list of apps was gone, The phones' performance in single-core and multi-core tests was also diminished, iphone case aesthetic giving a more accurate picture of what the devices' capabilities are under normal everyday use..

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