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The breach was detected April 18, but Orange said customer notification was delayed to allow for investigation and repair of the issue. Orange also reported in February that the personal information of about 800,000 of its customers was stolen in a similar attack in January. Both hacks came not long after Orange CEO Stephane Richard signed a charter in which the company pledged to protect its customers' personal data and respect their privacy. Like retailers, telecoms have also been targeted by hackers for the valuable personal information they hold. Vodafone Group's German unit revealed last September that the personal data of 2 million of its customers had been exposed in a hack.

Europe's fourth-largest telco says no payment info was stolen but warns customers they could be targeted for scams, French telecommunications group Orange said Wednesday that a breach last month resulted in the theft of the personal information of 1.3 million of its customers, including phone numbers, dates of birth, and email addresses, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed iphone case and screen protector at any time at our discretion..

Do you watch to see how many people talk about it? Do you observe as sales of one or other product zoom or crater? Or do you ask a research firm?. Research firms are always right. Except for those statistically significant occasions when their results prove to be doddering, bumbling groups of inebriated figures. I have just been inebriated, you see, by a startling headline in Business Insider. It reads: "Samsung Made The Most Effective Smartphone Ad Of The Past 4 Years." The URL for this piece is even more compelling: "Samsung's Galaxy 5S ad kills Apple."I searched for the corpse of the iPhone for a few seconds, before reading on.

A company called Ace Metrix has declared that Samsung's latest ad -- the one that happens to iphone case and screen protector mention that the iPhone 5S's camera is but twee hogwash -- is the most effective smartphone ad since Apple's ad for FaceTime in 2010, This Samsung ad, pleasant but by no means revolutionary, achieved an Ace Score of 715, Apple's latest ad for the 5S, which features a song about ace male members, scored a meager 638, These scores are measured along axes such as likability, persuasion, relevance, and total nonsense, (I'm afraid I've got that last one totally wrong, It should have read "information.")..

I certainly wouldn't like to suggest that either ad has altered human behavior more than Google Glass ever will. Nor will I attempt to examine whether comparing an ad for a new phone to one for an old phone has complete and utter sense buried within it. It may well be that several senior Apple executives, on seeing this new Samsung ad, locked themselves in a very white room and slammed their heads repeatedly against its walls until it was no longer very white at all. I did, however, have the name "Ace Metrix" stuck in some odd part of my mental yurt.

I worked hard to extract it, getting the help of several yurter sherpas, I finally managed to examine it, In 2012, Ace Metrix (which also happens to have worked with, oh, Samsung once or twice) declared that one oeuvre was the "most effective" -- there is that phrase again -- tablet ad of the year, It was one that iphone case and screen protector shocked the world, changed the industry, made stars of the company's executives and, in all honesty, largely destroyed Apple as we know it, Which ad was it? Why, the Microsoft Surface ad with the dancing teenies..

The study, released Wednesday by mobile security firm Lookout, said 68 percent of the people participating in the survey said they were ready to take matters into their own hands. Many smartphones come with location-based features, like Apple's "Find My iPhone," which can track a mobile device that's been lost or stolen. In the case of theft, some phone owners have been tailing their lost devices to the point of confrontations with the supposed thieves. That willingness to engage in vigilantism is worrying to public safety officials.

"This is a job for the police," San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon told CNET in an email, "I understand the desire to use these tools to retrieve a valuable object, but a smartphone can be replaced -- a life cannot."Samsung and Apple, the No, 1 and No, 2 smartphone sellers in the world, did not return requests for comment, The rise in the rate iphone case and screen protector of smartphone theft has reached "epidemic" proportions, government regulators say, One in ten smartphone owners in the US have had their phones stolen, according to Lookout's study, And one in every three robberies in the United States involves the theft of a mobile device, according to the Federal Communications Commission, On Gascon's home turf of San Francisco, the mobile device theft rate has climbed to 67 percent of robberies..

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