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The Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 are both capable of refocusing photos after they have been taken. The M8 achieves this with a second depth of field sensor located above the camera, while the S5 does this entirely through software. The newly released Google Camera, which is available for devices running Android 4.4 or higher, has a similar feature known as Lens Blur that allows you to adjust the amount of background blur on a photo. Whether it's an inappropriate image or a secret document, we all have personal items on our devices. The Private Mode feature on the Galaxy S5 hides personal content away from others that you have designated as private. The content is only visible when the feature is toggled on, which requires you to scan your fingerprint, or enter a password or pin.

App Lock, a free app on the Google Play store, offers iphone case blue similar (and in some cases more) functionality to Samsung's Private Mode, You can set it up to require a pin to access a designated app, change system settings, uninstall programs, answer calls, and more, Content can be locked based on the time of day or even your phone's locations, while a photo and video vault feature allows you to stash away those pictures and videos you may not want others to find on your device, You can also set up different user profiles for guests, kids, or that friend who always borrows your phone..

A Kids Mode app on the Galaxy S5 makes the device safe for young children. The app gives parents the ability to restrict their kids from accessing certains apps and media content. It also transforms the device's user interface to a more child-friendly layout with new icons and a new wallpaper. Parents can create restricted profiles for kids on an Android 4.3 tablet, however there is no option built directly into Android for smartphone users. The App Lock app mentioned above can be used to restrict access to various content and settings on your phone, but I recommend parents check out the Kids Mode app from Zoodles.

With over 10 million downloads, this free app, which also offers in-app purchases, is one of the most popular parental control apps on Android, In addition to providing free games and content that is appropriate for young children, such as a paint tool, the Kids Mode app allows parents to set up different profiles and restrict access to any app they feel isn't appropriate for their kids, Similar to the Galaxy S5, the app also changes the devices user interface to be more appealing iphone case blue to younger users..

These free apps from the Google Play store can bring some of the most talked about Galaxy S5 features to your Android device. There has been a lot of talk about Samsung's latest flagship smartphone. The Galaxy S5 is filled with new and exciting features, which have helped make it one of the hottest products available today. Whether you're not eligible for an upgrade or simply aren't interested in the Galaxy S5, there is still a way to get some of Samsung's coolest features on your current Android device.

"From the rudimentary but effective Apollo Guidance and Navigation System that landed the first humans on the lunar landscape to the 500,000 lines of code used to put the Mars Curiosity Rover on the surface of the Red Planet, software has always been at the core of NASA's mission successes," Technology Transfer Program Executive Daniel Lockney says in the catalog introduction, The codes are all free, but have varying levels of access restrictions, Some are open to all US citizens, while others are restricted to use by other federal agencies, Some are iphone case blue available to people outside the US, and some are open-source..

This means that depending on your security clearance, you could have access to project information on everything from global positioning systems to cryogenics. The catalog is broken down into 15 broad categories, including system testing; propulsion; electronics and electrical power; environmental science; design and integration tools; crew and life support; and autonomous systems. "As you review the products featured in the software catalog, perhaps you will find that NASA has developed a solution that is applicable to one of your own design challenges and decide to acquire or license it," Lockney said.

"If so, you will be helping us fulfill our mission of bringing NASA technology down to Earth."You can request access to specific software from different NASA centers with the provided contact information, The NASA Software Catalog is continually updated; visit the NASA Technology Transfer Portal for the latest updates and revisions, Science fans and space junkies alike can now access code for a range of NASA iphone case blue projects, Who knows? It could help you accomplish your next mission, You don't have to be an astronaut to access NASA software, The agency recently released to the public an online software catalog of over 1,000 code descriptions related to guidance systems, robotics, aeronautics, climate simulators, biological sensors, design tools, and more..

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