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Yes, the jury could see that Samsung had done a little thieving. But they'd surely seen enough of business to know that thieving goes on all the time. They'd probably seen - or been in -- one company or another where subterfuge, trickery and manipulation went on between company and company as well as employee and employee. Indeed, despite the proven thieving, you'd have to live on a truly libertarian island not to realize that Apple is arguably the most successful, most famous company on the planet.

It's as if Tom Cruise was whining because someone had stolen his girlfriend, It's as iphone case heavy duty if the New York Yankees were demanding money from all the Steinbrenners in America because they'd stolen the name Steinbrenner, It was like Warren Buffett moaning that he wasn't paid enough, This is a time when the whole of Silicon Valley is gorging itself on profits, parties, and preaching, This is a time when the rich are getting impossibly richer and the poor (or just the not-rich) are looking up at the rich and muttering: "And you people don't even want to pay taxes."Yet here were two immensely wealthy, successful, powerful companies acting like a couple of kids running to mommy Lucy Koh, pointing at each other and screeching: "It wasn't me! It was him that smashed the window!"How could either company, no matter whether they thought that justice was somehow on their side, expect sympathy?..

How could either imagine that this jury would somehow well up in tears at the pain and suffering endured, whip out the cold compress and whisper: "There, there"?. Even Judge Judy, I'm sorry, Judge Lucy Koh had hoped the two sides would settle before the first trial. "Boys, boys. Can't you just make up and be friends?"Oh, no. In business, all the metaphors are taken from sports and war. You have to go thermonuclear. You have to bury your opponent. You have to preen, pound your chest, and proclaim your ineffable greatness.

You have to declare iphone case heavy duty that you never copy, even when your company's great founder prides himself on stealing, You have to claim that you don't steal when you know that the potential cost of paying for that stealing will likely be far less than the profit you'll make from it, This is all about being a man, a fighter, a crusher, a winner, This is all about creating products that the media describe as "iNsert product name-killer."Might this jury have got to Friday night and thought: "It's the weekend, We've had enough of this."So then it sent its message: "Will you two just cut it out, work it out, and be happy with what you've got?"The jury in the latest Apple-Samsung patent trial might ultimately say that it followed the law scrupulously, But might a little humanity on the part of these supposed "tech novices" also have come into play?..

An eight-person jury on Friday returned a mixed verdict in this year's Apple v. Samsung patent-infringement case over patents related to their smartphones and tablets. Samsung was found to have infringed three of Apple's five patents at issue and was ordered to pay $119.6 million, much less than the $2.2 billion sought by the maker of the iPhone. At the same time, Apple was found to have infringed one of Samsung's two patents and ordered to pay $158,400. Samsung was asking for $6.2 million. "You can look at this as both sides won or both sides lost," said Pierre R. Yanney, a patent attorney and partner at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan. "Apple won on infringement but got one-tenth of what it wanted. Samsung lost on infringement but cut the damages down by 90 percent."Jurors return to court on Monday to hash out damages that Samsung owes Apple over one device.

While it wasn't a clear-cut win for either company, Friday's verdict also wasn't the overwhelming defeat Samsung faced in 2012, By awarding Apple less than 10 percent of the damages it wanted, the jury of mostly tech novices, which deliberated for three iphone case heavy duty full days after a four-week trial, sent a much different message than the prior trial that netted Apple nearly $1 billion, Samsung surely feels relieved by the outcome, though it still was deemed a copycat in some respects, And Apple, which was vindicated in some of its accusations, probably believes Samsung's punishment is too light..

On Friday, Apple said the ruling showed that "Samsung willfully stole our ideas and copied our products. We are fighting to defend the hard work that goes into beloved products like the iPhone," Samsung said it would wait to comment until the jury is done deliberating. The long-running spat doesn't exactly reflect well on either company. Apple and Samsung are two of the most secretive companies in the technology industry, with little known about the inner workings of their operations or about executives' private comments -- until the recent patent cases. Each side presented damning evidence about its rival and used its competitor's words, taken from emails and internal presentations including competitive analysis and marketing documents, against it. That included former Apple CEO Steve Jobs' determination to launch a mobile operating system, which powers Samsung's smartphone, and a plan by a Samsung executive to use Jobs' death in 2011 as a marketing opportunity. None of the comments look good for the companies.

While the total damages are low, the case was never really about damages anyway, It was a battle over the market for mobile devices, fought by the industry's two biggest vendors, It was a fight over invention and copying and for the reputation as an innovator, Apple, maker of the iPhone and iPad, and Samsung, which offers a line of devices under its Galaxy brand, are the only two companies selling smartphones and tablets at any significant volumes, They're also the only two companies making any money from those devices, The iPhone and iPad together account for more than 75 percent of Apple's sales, Galaxy smartphones and tablets are Samsung's iphone case heavy duty top sellers..

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