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Roth said AT&T hired someone from Nike to help choose props for the store to help tell a story for different products beyond the simple smartphone. Here, he has a miniature drive-in movie theater setup to demonstrate a pico projector accessory that can be hooked up to a smartphone. AT&T has a section reserved to highlight new and unique products. This table includes Moto X's customizable back covers, as well as Samsung's Galaxy Gear. Roth demonstrates how a person can control the lights or locks at home with a smartphone. One of the company's bigger initiatives is the push for a smart home through a product called Digital Life.

AT&T typically reserves one of its "hero" tables, or areas where it highlights its marquee products, for Apple and the iPhone, The other hero table is up for grabs, Ritz-Carlton iphone case outline has its greenbook, which employees use as a guide for their premium-level service, AT&T has its little blue book, which it hands out to all store employees, The lab store has a large display, which can be altered to show different promotions or claims based on the region or time, A greeter is supposed to say hello to incoming customers within 10 seconds..

"We have a competitor that's really taking a different approach in terms of revenue management," AMD Chief Executive Rory Read said during a first-quarter conference call on Thursday. "They have a different philosophy on profitability sometimes..This idea of contra revenue is a foreign idea to us," he said. Contra revenue refers to rebates that Intel gives device makers to incentivize them to use its chips. In this case, chips that go into tablets. AMD's comments probably shouldn't come as a great surprise, as Intel spent a lot of time during its own earnings conference call on Tuesday discussing contra revenue with analysts.

Intel's strategy calls for using contra revenue to make sure it hits a stated goal of 40 million tablets iphone case outline shipped this year with its chips inside, In the first quarter, Intel said 5 million tablets shipped with its processors, On Thursday, AMD reported a loss for the first quarter of $20 million, or three cents per share, compared with a loss of $146 million, or 19 cents a share in the year-earlier period, Revenue rose to $1.4 billion from $1.09 billion, a jump of 28 percent compared with last year..

"From the beginning, we've always been committed to connecting you with the safest rides on the road," Uber wrote in a blog post. "Starting this week, we'll demonstrate that continued commitment to safety with a dedicated $1 Safe Rides Fee added to uberX fares in United States cities with uberX ridesharing."Uber says the fee is to help pay for the "increased costs associated with our continued efforts to ensure the safest platform for Uber riders and drivers." These costs include background checks, motor vehicle checks, driver safety education, app safety features, and insurance.

Last month, the ride-sharing service extended its insurance policy after facing growing criticism and a lawsuit over a driver that hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in San Francisco on New Year's Eve, The company's insurance now provides coverage for independent drivers who have their Uber apps online but aren't carrying passengers, In the past, Uber's insurance didn't cover incidents that happened while the driver was between rides but available for service -- only the driver's personal insurance applied iphone case outline in those cases..

Uber isn't the only on-demand car service that charges customers a safety fee -- the company's top competitor Lyft also charges $1 for what it calls a "Trust and Safety fee."Looking to help ease the costs of driver background checks and insurance, the on-demand car service adds a new fee to customers' bills. In the name of safety, Uber has upped its UberX fares by $1. The on-demand car service announced Thursday that starting this week all UberX customers will see an extra "Safe Rides Fee" on their receipts.

One exception might iphone case outline be Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, except that with him you never quite know where the joke starts or ends, Sometimes, this is because you're laughing too much in the middle, Sometimes, it's because he is, In Peoria, Ill., however, there appears to have been a severe lack of humor exhibited toward the creators of a parody Twitter account -- @peoriamayor -- that purported to have been written by the local mayor, Jim Ardis, As the Peoria Journal Star reports, the account was suspended by Twitter several weeks ago, This happened even though it had reportedly been labeled, at some point, as a parody account..

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