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But not everyone is going to have the option of a regular workout buddy. So instead of sitting at home unmotivated, use your iPhone, the automation service If This Then That (IFTTT), and a friend to hold you accountable. First you'll need to install IFTTT's iPhone app. (IFTTT can be used with Android, but it's easier with iOS.) It's free, and it gives you access to all of your recipes and allows you to create new ones. You can find it here. New users will need to sign up for an account, which is also free.

Now that you have an account and the app installed on your iPhone, add this shared recipe to your account, I created it as a test using the local YMCA as the location that triggers the recipe, You will have to change the location to your workout spot, You will also need to fill out the e-mail address field, entering up to five addresses, The above recipe works like this: you iphone case yesstyle set up a location trigger for your gym, or wherever it is you go to work out, Your iPhone detects when you've arrived at the gym, triggering the IFTTT recipe, which in turn sends an e-mail (using Gmail) to up to five of your contacts, By doing this, you make sure that anyone you deem scary enough to hold you accountable will know when you actually go to the gym, and so they'll also know when you haven't, In other words -- you can't lie anymore..

To really follow through on your gym commitments you could create yet another recipe on IFTTT to alert the same people when you've left the gym. Although, that does seem a bit overkill. Unless you find yourself driving by the gym just to trigger the recipe. Having a friend hold you accountable for your gym visits can be a terrific motivator. So how about an app?. One of the hardest parts of starting to work out is staying motivated to actually go do it. Friends and family members can be terrific motivators, especially if you team up with someone to go work out with you.

"We are excited to give our Readers access to their Kobo eBooks on the Microsoft Windows ecosystem," said Kobo's Sameer Hasan, "Just like Kobo, Microsoft understands the importance of providing users with greater mobility and new ways to enjoy their favourite content, The Kobo for Windows app is designed to make Kobo content come alive on Windows devices."The app doesn't seem to include Kobo's Reading iphone case yesstyle Life feature, which allows readers to earn achievements and share books and passages via social media, but it does allow users to pin their favourite books as a tile to their home screen..

Kobo will be releasing the app for Windows Phone in the coming months. Kobo for Windows is currently available for other devices through the Windows app store. Kobo has finally launched an e-reading app for tablets, notebooks and desktops running the Windows 8 operating system. Kobo has finally launched an e-reading app for tablets, notebooks and desktops running the Windows 8 operating system. Windows users can now make use of Kobo's e-reading ecosystem with the launch of a new free app for Windows 8 tablets, notebooks and laptops. The app includes the Kobo ebook store and a built-in e-reader that is compatible with epub, mobi, pdf and comic book file types. As with the apps for Android and iOS, the Windows 8 app will also sync to other logged-in Kobo apps and devices, so that each time you read a book, you can pick up where you left off on another device.

But let's face it, going to a number of sites (or launching a number of apps) brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "shop till you drop." To tackle this first-world problem, TheFind will help you "search over 500,000 stores and 500 million products" using the iOS app, the Web site, or the new Android app, The iOS app originally launched in the middle of 2013, with the Android app only being made available as of today, Within the app you can search for an item, and a list of retail locations (both iphone case yesstyle online and local) that sale the item will populate, From there you can compare prices, read reviews and even check stock of nearby stores..

Singing up for an account allows you to save previous searches, set your favorite brands and more. What do you guys think? Is an app like this a lifesaver from long digital shopping trips, or is it a bit overkill? There is a lot of information presented in the app, so I can see how it can be seen as overwhelming. However, if in the end I save a bit of money and find exactly what I am looking for nearby, I'm game. Download the iPhone or Android version of the app. Alternatively, you can also visit TheFind.com to use the service from your browser.

Instead of visiting a number of retail Web sites to find the best deal on an item, use this free app and let it do the hard work for you, Shopping online is super convenient, You get to sit in the comfort of your own home, browsing various sites to find the best deal on a product, Sometimes you don't even have to browse Web sites, due to most major retail chains having native apps for various platforms, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that iphone case yesstyle violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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