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"Customers may find access to mobile data services, such as WhatsApp and iMessage, and some Vodafone systems remain intermittent today", said Vodafone on Twitter. "We’re very sorry that it’s causing inconvenience and we’re working hard to restore full service. We’ll update you as soon as we can."You can contact Vodafone's customer service team or look out for updates on the @VodafoneUKhelp Twitter account. Previous Vodafone outages include last year'srouter error that killed BlackBerry and BBM service, and a 2011 outage after thieves stole network equipment.

The actual release date for the smartphone is still up in the air, Reports are all over the map, Some sources say it's just a few weeks away, while others are less optimistic, saying it may take all the way until the end of March before it's out, Some Galaxy fans don't need the announcement to make up their minds, Some are sure they're going to get that phone when it comes out, Others might be holding off, looking for a wow feature to tip the scales toward an upgrade, iphone case zazzle Perhaps you're perfectly happy with your current phone and have no intention of jumping into the arms of the S5..

It's not every day a new flagship smartphone arrives. Are you ready to buy the Galaxy S5 when it comes out? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments. Samsung is expected to officially usher in the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress on Monday. Is your pocketbook already open for it?. Few things in the smartphone realm can rival the madness around a new iPhone announcement, but the arrival of a new Galaxy definitely is a contender. Samsung has invited journalists to a Monday shindig at Mobile World Congress at which it's expected to spill the details on the upcoming Galaxy S5.

Back in October, word emerged that the online super-retailer had delayed its streaming TV box until after Christmas, A new report at Recode cites unnamed 'industry sources' who are apparently partnering with Amazon, and notes that the Kindle-maker is now aiming for a March release, Not much is known about Amazon's rumoured set-top box, but like Apple TV or the Roku box, iphone case zazzle it would almost certainly plug into your telly to stream movies and TV shows over the Internet, Even if the mythical box does prove real, it's possible that it won't be headed to the UK for a while, as Amazon has a habit of keeping its products US-only to start with..

That said, Amazon today announced sweeping reforms to its UK streaming offering, with Lovefilm Instant becoming Amazon Prime Instant Video, a service that will be offered bundled with Amazon's Prime free one-day delivery for a total of £79 per year. Amazon has a competitive selection of movies and TV shows to offer, especially in the US (that screenshot above shows some of the programming available to US customers), so will be keen to find a way onto the big screen in our living rooms. Another major rival is Netflix, which is available in app form on an impressive roster of smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and games consoles.

The Sponsored Web Pass option means they could iphone case zazzle get that access in exchange for watching an ad, Opera said Friday, just before the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona that focuses on mobile and operator issues, The service is a new aspect of projects intended to get more people using the Net, For example, travelers at the Minneapolis St.-Paul International Airport can get free Wi-Fi access in exchange for watching an ad, And those paying for T-Mobile GoSmart Mobile service get free Facebook access, even if they don't have a data plan..

Here's how Opera describes its new option. All the user has to do is to is watch a short advertisement from the sponsor before continuing to their content, similar to the way an ad from a sponsor airs before the start of a TV program. Users are then free to engage with the content in their Web Pass for its entire duration. When the Sponsored Web Pass expires, users are given a soft landing with the option to continue browsing after purchasing a paid Web Pass, or to re-engage with different sponsors and continue browsing at no charge. Opera's Sponsored Web Pass now allows operators to increase their revenues from data services by enabling their participation in ad revenue monetization.

The Norwegian browser company adds a new sponsored option to its Web Pass service for letting carriers offer people short-term Internet access, Opera Software announced a variation of its Web Pass service, adding a new ad-sponsored option to the technology that lets carriers grant people free access to the Net, Opera Web Pass already was available as a way to let people use the Net with some restrictions -- a limited time, or a limited number of services, for example, The idea was that people who might not have the money to sign up for a full-on subscription would be willing to iphone case zazzle pay an operator for short-term access..

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