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In the headphones range, the MDR-1 range consists of three models: the 1R (AU$299); 1RBT with Bluetooth and NFC (AU$399); and the 1RNC noise-cancelling cans (AU$499). All of the models have a liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm for reproduction of mid-high sounds. There are also enlarged air vents at the back of each driver to give better airflow when listening to low-end and bass-heavy sounds. The HAPS1 high-res audio player has a built-in 500GB hard drive to store digital audio files and can upscale existing MP3, ACC, ATRAC and WMA files to near-CD quality. There's a front LCD panel to view files and Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to use a smartphone or tablet as a remote control. It sells for AU$1399.

Sony doesn't have a store through which you can purchase high-res audio files, but existing online iphone screen protector apple vendors such as HD Tracks, Bleep and iTrax all sell files that can be classified as high resolution, Sony has released a range of its high-end audio products in Australia, from headphones to speakers, all designed for listening to high-res audio files, Sony has released a range of its high-end audio products in Australia, from headphones to speakers, all designed for listening to high-res audio files..

There has been a significant push from electronics companies in 2014 to bring high-res audio to our attention. The success of projects such as Neil Young's Pono player have showed that there is definitely a market for products that help users improve their listening experience, whether you are an audio connoisseur or casual listener. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Civil liberty activists, tech companies, and several lawmakers have been up in arms about the NSA's mass surveillance programs that were exposed by Edward Snowden's top-secret document leaks beginning last year, This leak uncovered the iphone screen protector apple NSA's Section 215 and PRISM programs, which were geared toward collecting data on US residents via cellular records and metadata from Internet companies, The Obama administration is expected to specifically address the Section 215 program this Friday, according to the Times, The Section 215 program has allowed the NSA to gather and keep bulk phone data on US residents for up to five years, The agency has maintained that the program was set up to track down foreign terrorists and terrorist threats..

The American Civil Liberties Union has said it'll likely support the Obama administration's possible legislative changes to the Section 215 program. "We have many questions about the details, but we agree with the administration that the NSA's bulk collection of call records should end," ACLU's Jameel Jaffer told the Times. "As we've argued since the program was disclosed, the government can track suspected terrorists without placing millions of people under permanent surveillance."The proposed changes to the program would purportedly let phone companies keep users' phone records, rather than handing them over to the NSA, according to the Times. If the agency wanted to see any records, it's said it would be required to get a court order from a judge.

President Obama alluded to these changes during a speech in January, He said his decision would be based on reform proposals made by a presidential review group -- made up of lawmakers, intelligence officials, and technology company executives -- which was created to address the NSA's surveillance programs, Obama suggested that requiring the NSA to get a court order for the data could help guard against the potential iphone screen protector apple for government abuse of data, "It is not enough for leaders to say, 'Trust us, we won't abuse the data we collect,'" Obama said during the speech, "for history has too many examples when that trust has been breached, Our system of government is built on the premise that our liberty cannot depend on the good intentions of those in power; it depends upon the law to constrain those in power."Obama is expected to announce the changes to the Section 215 program on Friday, which is when the court order that originally authorized the program expires, according to the Times..

While it appears that changes to the NSA's surveillance programs are afoot, they likely won't happen for a few more months. According to the Times, the Obama administration is planning to first ask the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to renew the Section 215 program for another 90-day cycle before making major modifications. Additionally, in order for proposed legislation to get passed, it would still need approval from Congress. Major legislative proposals to the government’s surveillance programs -- specifically those that gather bulk call data on US residents -- are expected to be revealed this week.

No, M8 is simply because the HTC One was the M7 in terms of model number, HTC's new phone is currently rumoured to be called the HTC One 2 or the HTC One +, both of which are pretty terrible, For our money, we're both afraid and a little convinced that HTC will just call it the HTC One again with no qualifier, HTC has a history of confusing nomenclature with its devices and we see no reason that's going to change, iphone screen protector apple Whatever it's called, expect some extra power, The HTC One 2 (we'll stick with that name for simplicity) will mostly likely pack in a Snapdragon 801 or even a cutting-edge Snapdragon 805 processor, along with 3GB of RAM..

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