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The latest interesting legal battle concerns the right to record and/or film proceedings when police decide to stop and talk to you. This case concerns 33-year-old Brandy Berning. As the Sun-Sentinel reports, she was stopped by a Broward County Sheriff's deputy for allegedly entering an HOV lane at the wrong time. For reasons that aren't entirely clear, she decided to record her chat with the officer of the law. In an openness of which Google would be envious, she told the sheriff's deputy, Lt. William O'Brien, that she was recording.

His reply was not exactly public-spirited: "I have to tell you you just committed a felony.", Goodness, officer, do you not follow the Eric Schmidt principle? The one that says if you have nothing to hide then you'll be happy to have your bedside manner heard by all?, As the audio reveals Berning's surprise that she is now a potential felon, the officer is all (no) charm: "Give me your phone," he says, Berning resists, She explains that she knows her rights, The officer's charm level remains unaltered, He claims the phone is evidence, Well, it's certainly evidence of iphone screen protector edinburgh his curbside manner..

"You're going to end up in jail unless you hand me that phone. Tonight," barks O'Brien. And so it came to pass. Berning spent the night in jail. She claims that O'Brien grabbed her wrist and sprained it. This all happened last March. She was never charged. But having thought things through, she's decided to sue. She told the Sun-Sentinel: "I knew I couldn't give him my phone, because I didn't know why he was acting the way he was if he didn't plan on doing something wrong."This seems reasonable. Moreover, one of her lawyers believes state law is clear that the police have no expectation of privacy when performing their duties.

For its part, the iphone screen protector edinburgh Broward Sheriff's Office says it doesn't comment on pending litigation, Recording devices have become very interesting tools for both the police and the public, While the NYPD, for example, is experimenting with Google Glass, those who are suspicious of police behavior are choosing to use cell phones to record their own side of encounters, Some police officers react in a harsh or even paranoid manner when confronted with a phone, In a San Diego incident last year, police allegedly became violent at the very sight of a Samsung Galaxy..

Some cell phone recording of the police offer evidence of highly questionable activity. Others descend into the absurd, such as the filming of a Long Island police officer who tried to stop a citizen from washing his own car in his own private driveway. Florida is a two-way recording state. Both parties must know that a recording is being made. Berning is clearly heard on her recording revealing what she is doing. But this is Florida. Who knows what the verdict might be?. A woman is stopped for a routine traffic offense. She decides to use her cell phone to record the conversation with the police officer and is immediately told she is committing a felony by doing so. She is now suing.

Additional specifications for the Desire 8 include 8GB internal storage with microSD expansion, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and 5-megapixel front-facing shooter, As for a custom HTC experience, the phone is alleged to bring BoomSound audio and Sense 6.0 UI, With that in mind, I'd also assume Android 4.4 KitKat will run the show, Dovetailing with previous rumors, the Desire 8 is expected in a variety of color options: black, white, iphone screen protector edinburgh red, yellow, and purple, There's plenty of unknowns surrounding the device, including availability, HTC is supposed to skip Mobile World Congress in favor of its own event on March 25, Still, since there will be plenty of other smartphone news next week at Mobile World Congress, CNET will be on the ground to bring firsthand coverage and early impressions of all things mobile..

The HTC "A5" smartphone figures to offer consumers a solid mid-range Android experience. The HTC Desire 8 should provide a large, albeit mid-range, Android experience when it makes its debut. According to a fresh set of leaked specs out of evleaks, the handset should include a 1.6GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.5GB RAM. The display size is tipped to be a bordering-on-phablet 5.5-inches with a 720p resolution that should put the image quality around 267 pixels per inch. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Alongside the new phone feature, Telstra has also launched a range of new personal mobile plans that will come into effect on 4 March, While the data allowances do not offer much extra compared to previous plans, Telstra has reduced the excess data charges down to 3c (from 10c) per MB over included monthly spend, An AU$500 cap has also been introduced for data use in Australia, iphone screen protector edinburgh There are two types of plans available from March: a handset plan and the BYO mobile accelerate plan, Here is the breakdown of charges for each..

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