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Motorola first unveiled the Moto G in December, offering it as an affordable alternative to the popular Moto X. With a starting price of $179, the unlocked phone was initially available in US and global GSM versions. Republic's model leverages CDMA technology to run on Sprint's network. However, like its GSM counterparts, the Moto G tops out at 3G speeds. Consequently, Republic will offer three service plans to the Moto X's four, with the top one ($25 monthly) offering unlimited calling, texting, and data. The $5/month plan gives you unlimited everything, but only when you're connected to Wi-Fi, while the $10 plan adds cellular service for calls and texts (but no data; for that you still need Wi-Fi).

Like all Republic's phones, this one relies on "hybrid" communications, meaning it leverages available Wi-Fi networks iphone screen protector kit whenever possible for calls and text messages, switching to cellular only when there's no Wi-Fi available, As with the Moto X, you're buying the phone outright -- but because it's specially coded to work on Republic's network, you can't use it with any other carrier, Similarly, the Moto G will not initially support short-code text messaging, though Republic Wireless is working on adding this capability..

The Moto G features a 4.5-inch, 720p display, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, and, unlike the Moto X, a removable backplate that affords access to the battery. (You can jazz up the phone by swapping backplates, which are available from Motorola in various colors.) Although the G originally came with Android 4.3, Republic's model will ship with 4.4 (KitKat). Republic will start selling the Moto G next month, though an exact date has yet to be announced. The disruptive carrier's latest no-contract phone will start at $149, with monthly plans as low as $5.

Republic Wireless made waves late last year with its $299 Moto X smartphone and dirt-cheap no-contract service plans, Now the company plans to lower iphone screen protector kit the cost of entry with a less expensive handset, Starting in April, Republic will offer the Motorola Moto G (8GB) for $149 and Moto G (16GB) for $179, These replace the company's previous entry-level phone, the decidedly outdated Defy XT, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The XML document also reveals the screen display. Listed at 2,560x1,440 pixels, the D850's 2K screen could give LG an edge over Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S5 in the display resolution department. Other specifications tied to the G3 over the last few weeks include a 64-bit processor and 16-megapixel rear camera. This week also gave way to reports of a water-resistant and dustproof chassis. The next-gen Nexus smartphone, assumed to be the Nexus 6, is rumored to be based on the G3 design. As to when we'll see that one arrive, we're looking more at the second half (translate) of 2014.

LG's next flagship Android, presumed to be the G3, may feature a 2,546x1,440-pixel-resolution display, Slowly but surely, pieces iphone screen protector kit of the LG G3 puzzle seem to be falling into place, Rumors point to a May debut for the device, which means that the pace of rumors should quicken over the next few weeks, A user agent profile spotted on LG's Web site by frequent Twitter tipster @evleaks suggests that the handset-maker has a D850 model in the works, Considering that the LG D800 is the model number for the current G2 flagship, it's logical that the D850 here would be its eventual successor..

I was focused on being a new father at the time, and although I was back living in the contiguous United States after a stint in a fly-in village in the Alaskan bush where even landline calls came with a 3-second satellite delay, I still had not yet fully re-immersed myself in digital life. The events of the prior seven years -- from being part of the dot-com bust to witnessing firsthand the impacts of climate change in Alaska and touring the mind-boggling nation that is modern China -- had all led me to believe that my skills as a journalist might be better used covering issues like energy, the environment, and the politics that drive these for a national radio audience rather than tracking every movement of the hottest startups.

My time in the wilderness had turned me from the hardest-core digital devotee into someone more like my grandmother, a remarkably well-informed octogenarian who has still never touched a keyboard to this day, at least to my knowledge, But here's one of the secrets to life that I finally learned the day my now-6-year-old daughter was born: time is our only truly finite resource (although Google and people like Ray Kurzweil seem to be working to change that), Yes, I iphone screen protector kit know it sounds like a ridiculous headline from Thought Catalog, but when faced with the desire to use my time more efficiently so I could spend more of it with my new family, the prospect of reporting on our highly repetitive and inefficient political processes began to feel increasingly corrosive for my soul..

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