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The new service expands on Line's voice communications offerings, which let people make free VoIP and video calls to other application users. Line Call is offered as a 30-day subscription service or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Calls to land and mobile lines in the US and China are priced at 2 cents per minute. "The ability to make calls directly to mobile and landline phones has been one of our most requested features," Line Euro-Americas CEO Jeanie Han said in a statement. The news makes Line even more of a threat to Microsoft-owned Skype, and comes as messaging opponent WhatsApp readies the release of voice communications options for its 465 million active users. The messaging application, which is being purchased by Facebook for $19 billion, expects to release its VoIP features in the second quarter of this year.

Unlike WhatsApp, Line does not iphone screen protector machine report active users, but the company has nearly doubled its registered user base from 200 million people in late July 2013 to 370 million people in mid-February, Line Call is currently available to application users in Japan, United States, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Thailand, Philippines, and Spain, Update, 12:05 p.m, PT: With additional pricing info, Application users on Android can place domestic and international calls to outside lines for a monthly or per-call charge..

Line, the Japan-based mega messaging app, said Monday that it's giving its audience in eight countries access to a new product called "Line Call," a service that lets people dial landlines and cell phones from the application for a fee. Line Call, meant to be an affordable alternative to prepaid mobile service, is being released as part of the latest version of the company's Android application, and will be available shortly in the iOS version. The service is available to members with a registered phone number, and the company promises that its app-to-phone calling service provides "clear, uninterrupted, high-quality" calls.

A video which surfaced today (embedded above) shows a redesigned interface featuring a stripped-down approach, with "flat" icons and iphone screen protector machine a new design language, What's more, Sense 6.0 could include motion gesture controls for launching apps, as well as other shortcut functions, Assuming the video is correct, it's unclear whether the Sense experience in this unofficial clip is final, or if HTC is still tweaking the software, HTC will debut the refreshed HTC One at a press event in New York on March 25, CNET will be there, providing a firsthand account of the goings-on and early impressions of the new device..

Via TechnoBuffalo. As part of the software experience behind the all new HTC One, Sense 6 is an evolved take on the custom interface. With roughly one week until HTC formally unwraps its next-gen the new HTC One, more details on the smartphone have leaked. This time, instead of dealing with hardware details, the leak du jour focuses on the software experience. More specifically, we're looking at the Sense 6.0 custom interface. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Healthbook would be able to monitor many of your vital stats, according to 9to5Mac, including iphone screen protector machine heart rate, blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and blood sugar, It also reportedly will track your bloodwork, hydration, physical activity, nutrition, and sleep, The Weight feature would let you enter your height and weight to keep track of your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your percentage of body fat, You could then watch these indicators over time as part of a weight loss program, The Nutrition feature would allow you to enter your daily food intake as you try to stay true to your diet, according to 9to5Mac..

Healthbook will be able to store and track your blood pressure as well as your heart rate. It will record your oxygen saturation to help measure your respiratory rate and quality of breathing. It will also track your blood sugar, a key factor in determining your risk for diabetes, and it will be capable of keeping tabs on your sleep cycles, said 9to5Mac. Other apps and devices offer some of these same features. But Healthbook would combine them all in one single mobile interface. As for the data that feeds into Healthbook, it is unclear if that information will come directly from an iPhone or if the app will pull data from an Apple or third-party activity-tracking device.

Though Apple is reportedly testing Healthbook with iOS 8, the app could be postponed for a future version or potentially cancelled altogether, 9to5Mac added, But assuming the app is the real deal and on track for the next version of iOS, when might we expect Apple to announce it?, Apple typically unveils new iOS features at its Worldwide Developer's Conference in June, But if Healthbook is tied to a specific Apple device, like an iWatch, its debut may be delayed until the launch of that device, Reportedly being tested for inclusion in iOS 8, the app would be Apple's first major push into monitoring and iphone screen protector machine recording your health and fitness, according to 9to5Mac..

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