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BBM Protected will be the first service under the Enterprise BBM umbrella of features, Proulx said, who targeted a summer launch. BlackBerry is also looking to get into the mobile financial services business -- albeit in a limited way -- by linking a person's bank account to their BBM profile, allowing them to send or receive money via their phone. Proulx noted that BlackBerry is already holding trials for BBM Money in Indonesia, and could eventually expand the capability elsewhere. A local bank handles the transactions and money transfers, but BBM acts as the bridge connecting the two.

"We have no plans to be a bank," he said, He said he didn't have any specific information on whether the trial gets expanded, or whether BBM Money actually makes it to the US, It's one of the services he said could add value to BBM without taking away from the iphone screen protector removal chat experience, an example of the fine line BlackBerry will have to walk to ensure that it doesn't anger its customer base, New features include a BBM Shop that sells stickers and sponsored posts and invitations for BBM Channels, BlackBerry says it won't intrude on the core messaging experience..

During a press conference today in New York, HTC took the wraps off its powerful One M8 smartphone which is equipped with a quad-core processor, two rear-facing cameras, and an updated Sense 6.0 user interface. Like its predecessor , the handset will come to all four major US carriers: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Carrier customers (except those belonging to T-Mobile) can place orders for it beginning today at 10am PT (1pm ET). Verizon customers can walk into a physical store today and walk out with the M8 in hand (at least until April 9; afterwards, other carriers will have it in their stores). Unlocked and developer editions will sell for $649.99 through HTC, and the Google Play Edition will retail for $699 (32GB). In addition, Best Buy will exclusively stock the amber gold color variant of the phone.

Prepaid carrier T-Mobile said its consumers can purchase the phone online and in retail stores starting April 11 for $0 down and for 24 monthly payments of $26.50, which totals to $636 altogether, Globally, iphone screen protector removal the One M8 will be available in 230 carriers around the world in over 100 countries, Besides the US, it will launch by the end of April in Australia, Taiwan, the UK, Germany, France, and China, Starting today, consumers will be able to place orders for the HTC One M8 through AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon stores, T-Mobile customers can purchase it April 11..

There's no question that the visually-refined HTC One M8 is one fancy piece of hand candy. Luckily, its prowess isn't just chassis-deep. The 5-inch screen is bright and sharp, the 4-'ultrapixel' camera produces pleasing photos, and the phone's quad-core processing power is one of the fastest around. Both on paper and in the wide world, the HTC One M8 more than stands up to its fiercest competitors, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S. Pay close attention to the M8's expandable storage option; HTC's inclusion of this slot knocks out one Samsung's major benefits over the original HTC One.

After years of producing brand-free devices for other companies to slap their logos on, HTC eventually stepped into the limelight, making history when it crafted the very first iphone screen protector removal Android phone in the T-Mobile G1, Hit play now to hear how HTC shocked the smartphone world, with smart design and cleverly-tweaked Sense software that -- at first -- was actually an improvement on the nascent Android, In October, HTC confirmed it was losing money for the first time since going public, over a decade ago, Today the company is in serious trouble..

"It's impossible to overstate the extent of Samsung's scale advantage relative to manufacturers such as HTC," Geoff Blaber of CCS Insight told CNET. "It gives them huge advantages in component sourcing, marketing, bill of materials and most importantly, profit in an increasingly low margin business."Despite continually making great products, like the HTC One , the company has struggled to take on the likes of Apple and Samsung. "HTC arguably launched the best product of 2013 but got completely outmuscled by Apple and Samsung," Blaber commended.

With Apple and Samsung dominating the smartphone world, HTC has hinted it will switch focus to mid-range mobiles, in a bid to get back in the money-making game, Here are the ways you can keep up with every episode of Adventures In Tech, Subscribe in iTunes, iTunes (HD) | iTunes (HQ) | iTunes (SD), Use these RSS feeds, RSS (HD) | RSS (HQ) | RSS (SD), Subscribe with YouTube, Like the YouTube playlist, With its new flagship officially revealed, Adventures in Tech charts the rollercoaster story of HTC -- the former king of iphone screen protector removal Android..

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