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James Storer, a professor of computer science at Brandeis University hired by Apple as an expert witness, then testified April 22 that Apple didn't infringe Samsung's patents. The company then called witnesses such as Apple engineers Tim Millet and Roberto Garcia to testify about the creation of technology used in iPhones and iPads. Millet serves as senior director of platform architecture at Apple, helping create the processors that power iOS devices. Garcia, meanwhile talked about the creation of the FaceTime technology that has been accused of infringing a Samsung patent.

Following the conclusion of closing arguments, the case was handed to the jury of four men and four women, The jury -- made up of tech novices such as a police officer and a retired teacher who likes salsa dancing -- will deliberate every business day until it has a verdict, Update, 11:45 a.m, iphone screen protector replacement and 2:55 p.m, PT: Adds comments from McElhinny and information about Samsung's opening argument and includes closing argument by Bill Lee, The Cupertino, Calif., company has argued throughout the trial that the case is not about Google and that Samsung copied Apple out of desperation..

Lumafit, launching later this year, is an ear-worn fitness tracker that also checks continuous heart rate. Its Kickstarter pre-order price is $99. The two-part device has a motion-sensing accelerometer, and also a clip that reads heart rate through the earlobe. It lasts six hours on a charge, and pairs with Android and iOS device. A stress-reducing app focuses on breathing exercises to control heart rate, using continuous readings as a form of feedback. The fitness app aims to work with exercises that don't normally work with wrist-worn fitness bands.

Lumafit, a heart-rate monitoring fitness tracker that's launched its Kickstarter campaign today, is designed to fit over the ear, Actually, the plastic top piece just rests on top of the ear, while a clip that attaches to an earlobe has the LED and measurement iphone screen protector replacement sensor to check heart rate, like finger-worn pulse oximeter at a hospital, The Lumafit does continuous heart-rate tracking, and it also has a three-axis accelerometer for measuring movement and head motion, When worn, it'll sense various activities and can be used, according to the company, for a wide range of exercises beyond just running, including sit-ups, weight machines, stationary cycles, ellipticals, and other situations that usually give wrist-worn trackers fits..

The Lumafit previously existed as the Zinc Zen sensor, which was intended to focus on relaxation via biofeedback. The core technologies are now aimed at fitness, and a companion app for Android and iOS works wirelessly over Bluetooth 2.1 with Lumafit to give an exercise experience similar to workout games. The Lumafit charges via Micro-USB, and lasts six hours on a charge. The launch price is $99, and it'll be available by "Q3 2014." I didn't get a chance to use one personally, but I saw it demoed and it does indeed track heart rate. As for its loftier promises of total workout tracking, well, stay tuned for a future review.

Google and LG's G Watch could launch in June for 199 euros ($274.50), according to French news site Les Numeriques, which got confirmation from LG's arm in France, Tech site Unwiredview.com first spotted the report, The launch time and price was apparently only applicable in France, but could indicate its plans elsewhere elsewhere, The G Watch marks Google's first foray into the smartwatch arena, a iphone screen protector replacement business that has seen a lot of entrants and interest, but few sales, Google is attempting to create a level of consistency with the next wave of smartwatches with its Android Wear operating system -- a version of Android customized for wearable products..

LG spokesman Ken Hong declined to comment, noting that he couldn't confirm or deny speculation. A spokesman for Google couldn't immediately be reached. A June launch would be right around the Google I/O developer conference, which runs for two days starting June 25. The G Watch is just the first of many Android Wear devices. Motorola has its own Moto 360 watch in the works, and HTC has said it would have a smartwatch out for the holiday season. Google shares slipped 94 cents, or 0.2 percent, to $526.76 in pre-market trading.

The new Android version, released Tuesday, includes "enhancements to the way Viber handles photo, video and location messages," according to the Viber page on the Google Play app store, The iOS version of Viber remains unchanged since its April iphone screen protector replacement 23 release, but Viber last week said it's preparing a fix, On Wednesday, the company said the fix has been submitted to Apple, Because images and videos are unencrypted by the earlier version of Viber, a user's private messages aren't actually private, Somebody with control over the network Viber is using can see and even modify them..

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