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As CBS Boston reports, the charges seem peculiar. The officer in question, Thomas Barboza, declared in his own police report that Thompson readily admitted he was filming. And according to Massachusetts state law, it's legal for someone to openly film a public official while the official is handling his or her duties in a public place. Which makes a statement given to WPRI-TV by Fall River police chief Daniel Racine all the more strange. He said: "I think we all have our basic rights and I think people should not record others secretly or surreptitiously."Some might observe that there was nothing secret or surreptitious happening here. Thompson didn't like the officer's behavior, so he openly filmed it. Indeed, WPRI-TV reports that Barboza was disciplined for his behavior. (Moreover, Thompson claims that Barboza called him a "welfare bum.").

What might seem surreptitious to some is that the recording on Thompson's iPhone has disappeared, The phone was confiscated by police and kept in their custody for two days, However, the police say it was Thompson who erased it, Philosophers might ask: Now why would he do that? He just filmed something he didn't like, He got arrested for it, And his next step was to delete it from his phone?, The police told WPRI-TV that they had issued a warrant to Apple in an attempt to discover how the phone was magically reset, Thompson says that p phone case shop he gave the police his passcode, so that the video could be seen by potential investigators..

Chief Racine expressed his openness to an investigation: "If a Fall River police officer erased that video, he's fired. And I would suspect the district attorney would take out charges."Thompson doesn't seem entirely moved by the thought. He told CBS Boston: "They're investigating themselves and there's a code of blue and everybody knows that."Yes, I suppose we've all watched quite a few movies with that suggestion, though I'm sure that if Matt Damon was the Fall River police force, he would stand up for what's right.

This is the latest instance -- and surely not the last -- in which certain police officers haven't taken kindly to being filmed by the people who pay their pensions, Last year, a San Diego officer appeared to describe a Samsung Galaxy as a "weapon."Most recently, a woman in Florida was jailed and told she would be charged with a felony for filming a routine traffic stop, In Thompson's case, some might muse that in Massachusetts it's legal to film surreptitiously p phone case shop up a woman's skirt (though not for much longer), but not a police officer in the course of his duty..

However, I find it strange when people choose to hug trees rather than people. Not only is it odd to think the tree will be grateful but then there are the splinters in the face as well. I haven't ever, though, seen anyone try to hug a wall. Perhaps I just go to the wrong parties, but it would seem somewhat impossible to stretch your arms wide enough to encompass a wall's breadth. BlackBerry CEO John Chen doesn't agree with me. Indeed, he believes that everyone who uses an iPhone constantly spreads his or her arms to embrace the impossible.

As TUAW reports, Chen was speaking at the Oasis Montgomery Summit when he was asked about the popularity of the iPhone, I p phone case shop call you guys wall huggers," he replied, allegedly in jest, The essence of this humor is that iPhone batteries can run down rather quickly -- lasting not even a full day, said Chen, This leaves Apple-ites desperately searching for walls that have power outlets, There is, of course, truth in this, It's not just that iPhone batteries aren't as good as they could be, There are so many darned apps in iOS that the weak and the superficial are tempted to download them by the thousand and watch them suck the life out of their phones..

Apple makes it worse by making its devices so easy to maneuver. It's surely charming that Chen, whose own company hasn't been hugged by many people lately, is prepared to mock the brand to which all other gadget makers compare themselves. I worry, though, whether even mentioning a wall is a good idea, when some people believe BlackBerry already has it own back against one. John Chen believes an iPhone can't last even a day, leaving Apple fanboys in a desperate search for a power outlet. I'm extremely partial to hugging.

The company p phone case shop announced Saturday that starting tomorrow -- Sunday -- customers with one smartphone can sign on to the 2GB plan for $65 a month, and customers with two smartphones can sign on for $90 a month, In both cases, that's a $15 drop from current Mobile Share Value Plan charges, the company said, Customers can bring their own phone, buy one at full retail, or finance one through AT&T Next, The plans come with unlimited talk and text, 50GB of cloud storage, and unlimited international messaging, AT&T said..

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